Saturday, January 27, 2007

Two of my newest pages

Here are a couple of pages, featuring two of my favorite girls....
I love this kit and the colors in the pages...

I also love these photos...I submitted these for a page call, so maybe they'll be published...that would be cool.

Paper: Kit: Abby Orchard, Lauren Reid,
Frames: chalk volume3-overlays, Sue Cummings,
Embelishments: [define]ingyourself-misc, Sue Cummings,
Font: CK Diva

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My new favorite quote

I found this quote and love the concept.

"If I really wanted to pray, I'd go out into a great big field, all alone, I'd look up into the sky. I'd imagine it was the dome of a great big cathedral and then I'd close my eyes and just feel a prayer."

Anne of Green Gables

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Friday, January 19, 2007

Other New Layouts

Here are a few new layouts, I recently finished...

A Favorite Picture From Brazil

Kit by Christine Smith, A bit of Boho (I think...)
Photo taken in Brazil, November 2006.

"Cracked Up" Friends

Photos: Show Me Scrapbook Tea, Syd and Gage, May 2006: #'s 78, 152, 145, 151, By Kaylea Hutson, kaytebug photography
Kit: Memories by Melissa Rose,
Font: CK Summer

Photos: Show Me Scrapbook Tea, Syd and Gage, May 2006: #'s 78, 152, 145, 151, By Kaylea Hutson, kaytebug photography
Kit: Memories by Melissa Rose,

Lessons From Brazil

Sketch: Sketch Challenge #19 by Rachel Giallongo
Photos: 0149 Anderson, 0144 Sundaes, 0173 Benedito and ice cream, 0177 Alan2, and 0188 henrique by Kaylea Hutson, kaytebug photography
Word Art - Sue Cummings,
Kit - Changes,
Fonts - CK Elsie, CKHigh Energy Doodles

Snowy Smile

I love hanging out with Joli and her family.
MB loves to hang out with me.
She thinks I'm goofy and "just like her mom."

This week, during the "ice storm of 2007" I hung out one afternoon with the fam, as they "braved" the elements without power all week.

MB "tollerated" me taking pics of her in the snow. But I had this layout in mind, and I "just HAD" to have a picture of her for it.

Photo: Mary Beth Jan. 2007
Kit: Melissa Rose, Wintery Nights
Embelishments: [define]ingyourself-misc Sue Cummings,
Template: The, Week 21.
Font: Kayleigh (web)

Lessons From A Turtle

Here's another picture from my trip this past summer to the Tulsa Zoo.
I love this turtle.
It just makes me laugh.

Photo: Turtle from Tulsa Zoo, July 2006
Frame - Chalk Frames, Vol. 3, Sue Cummings,
Font: CK Neat Print
Quote - Paulette Peltan (from Quote Reference Book 1, Die Cuts With A View)
Paper: OScraps - Genevieve Sass gsass_mariabatik_freebie
Template: The Challenge Week 20 (By Rachel Giallongo)

Cyd & Her Boys - A Zoo-tiful Day

I took these photos while in Oklahoma with Cyd and her boys. We had so much fun at the Tulsa Zoo.
I loved the bear and turtle....

Kit: Changes by Designers
Poem: Author Unknown.
Pictures: 0087 Bear, 0139 turtle, 0041 cyd and sutherland
Font: CK Chick

Pictures: 0003 family; 0112 lion; 0154 cute; 0181 sayre; Kit: Changes; Designers; Font: CK Chick; Quote: Eudora Welty.

0Scraps 52 inspirations - Week Two

I'm trying to catch up these posts, so here is my layout for last week's 52 Inspirations. I love this picture of Kiki's Hand.
She found this shell while we were walking along the shore of the river which runs along War Eagle Mill in Arkansas.
I only thought the shore had rocks, but once she found the shell, I began to see lots and lots of the shells.
Sometimes you just need to hang out with a child to find things in the world.

Wonder - week 2

Photo: 183 Shell In Hand (Arkansas Trip June/July 2006) KiKi's hand
Frame: Chunky Chalk White frame, Sue Cummings,
Kit: OScraps.Com 52 Inspirations,
CK Carefree
Chipboard Action: Atomic Cupcake

0Scraps 52 inspirations - Week One

I'm doing this page for two challenges; one for OScraps; to use the kit; the other; for Ali Edwards blog; where she challenged people to pick a word and use it for 2007.
I debated using Simplicity; because that seems to be a theme in my life since I got back from Brazil; but the more I searched for quotes; the more I realized my word should be Wonder.
I think I need to stop and look for the things of beauty and wonder within the world.

Here's my first week's page....

Photo: 0087 Beach (Brazil);
Kit: OScraps 52 Inspirations: Week 1
Doodles: Scratchy Doodles, Lauren Reid,
Fonts: Ck Bella, CK Neat Print

I love this picture. I took it while walking on the beach in Maceio, Brazil. I never noticed the people on the beach or the boats in the water until I worked the photo up as part of my "good" pics from the trip.

It's amazing what we overlook...sometimes we forget to see the trees for the forest.
I get so busy with my work, I forget to look for the small things.
I hope this year is different.

So So Day until...

So, I was having a so, so day, until a friend in the "business" sent me this cartoon by e-mail.
Hope it makes you laugh, it is absolutly true of my life.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful x 2

Once again, yucky weather has rolled into Southwest Missouri.
And once again, it happens on a night I was planning (and already at) the Scrapbook Store.
So once again, I'm snowed, "iced" in at the scrapbook store.
So, we'll see what happens.
They say it can last for the next 3 days.


Friday, January 5, 2007

From 1,500 plus to 895

Well, as of 11:28 p.m. (I'm at the scrapbook store), on Jan. 5, I finished working up the last Brazil pictures.
I've gone from 1,500 plus raw pictures to 895 pictures worked up....

...Now, I just need to go back through, and try to cut it in half, and then half again.

Then I'll create the scrapbook pages.


Here's one of my favorite pics

I miss the kids in Brazil.
I think I could go back tomorrow.
Working on the photos has made me so sad.

Just another scrappy day

Ok, this is a random post, mostly to see if a new e-service is working.
If it does, then you can subscribe to this blog...ok, that's assuming I'm soooo important in your life that you need to subscribe to see if I am posting anything new.
But hey, you can see pics of my favorite guy, and from other photoshoots if you tune in, so why not?
It's just another scrappy day.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

CW Pages

Adding some stuff...
Check out what I've figured out how to do!

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year, New Year Baby

Ok, I'm going to try to blog a bit, every day, if I can this year.
At least, on the days I take a favorite pic.

Today's pictures come from the New Year's Baby at Freeman Hospital.
The wee one is 10 weeks early, but doing well. She's just going to have to stay in the NICU for a few weeks.

Anyway, I snapped this pic of dad as he was finishing up, he leaned down to whisper encouraging words into his daughter's ear...telling her that everyone was waiting to meet her, and she needed to rest and grow strong.

The next pic, is a close up of the wee one's face.

You can read more about her story at

Anyway, have a happy New Year.
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