Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What I've been up to

Well, since I "surfaced" on Monday, (I'm finally feeling better), I've been working non-stop--I had two school board meetings so far; missed one by accident, and may have a fourth meeting on Friday (need to check if MSSU's Board of Governors is meeting this week).
But we got one print edition to "bed" and I'll have my share of next week's print edition done by Friday...then next week, I can work on the after Thanksgiving issue.
It's a crazy time, with pushed up deadlines.

I am hoping to have the rest of the of the photos updated this weekend (I'm staying with friends who have wireless net access).

I'm also hoping to have all of the articles, including a couple of new columns and such, updated on's website this weekend.

Outside of the newsroom (yes, I can get out), I've been working on a hand quilting project.
I pieced this quilt from the scraps left from Heather (Hoffman) & Tim Underwood's wedding quilt. I started quilting it when I moved to Colorado (April 2005), because I wanted to finish "un finished projects" before starting anything new....

Well, I now have three "unfinished" projects, this quilt, a "grandmother's flower garden" quilt, and an applique quilt. Each is a challenge, because it involves learning a new technique. I'm trying to finish them (they seem to be never-ending) before starting something new.

I'm good at starting things, lousy at finishing things. It's more fun to start a new project, I guess.

Anyway, I thought I'd stick a note on this to say that I'm doing well, the mosquito bites are healing and the insurance problems are finally getting better (I think the computer glitch has finally been fixed at Blue Cross and Blue Shield). Hooray!

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