Sunday, November 5, 2006

Quick note

In case you are following the blog, and are curious, we just heard from Bob. He made it home safe and sound. No major delays at San Paulo...we had heard there were 50+ hr delays earlier this week, but his flight was only 1 hr late.

We're going to head over this afternoon to check in early (and maybe get a milkshake at Bobs--like McDonalds...)
Our flight leaves Maceio at 2 p.m. tomorrow. We have one stop before getting to San Paulo, and then a 5 hr layover before heading to Miami.

This afternoon, we're going to have an ice cream party with the boys...we bought eight things of ice cream, chocolate and strawberry toppings, chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream (we have to whip).
It should be a blast. Debbie's dad decided the boys needed one HUGE ice cream party. So thanks to Grandpa, we're having one.

I'll try to write one last Flat Stanley before we leave. Benedito showed me how Cashews grow...the chacarra has cashew trees. No wonder they are so fruit = one nut. It's spring here, so the cashews are just starting to grow. I got some neat pics of Stanley with some green cashews.

Anyway, thanks for following this blog. Let me know if you've enjoyed it.
Talk to ya soon.

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