Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Oi from brazil

Hi all
Well the cream and benydryl seems to have done the trick. The tide is turning, the mosquito bites are shrinking and not itching as much...yea!!!

Tonight, we'll celebrate Mikel's birthday. So I need to keep this short.
We're having pizza, and other special treats.

We went to the Hippa fada (outdoor market) by the ocean today. I found lots of neat presents. Can't talk about it though, because some of the recipients will be reading this....tee hee....I even bought myself a couple of things...a checker board with coconut shaped pieces. It's soooooo cute! & a bracelet.


Well, I hear something happening with the b-day, so I'll go. I'll write more tomorrow. I may not get pics posted until I get home, because I haven't made it back to the net cafe yet...(and it's a HUGE trip to do it).
I've managed to get some posted to, so buzz on over there to see what pics I've been able to upload to yahoo and e-mail in.

Talk to ya tomorrow.

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