Friday, November 10, 2006

The mosquitos won

Well, I went to the Dr. Wednesday, and he put me on malaria treatment medicine.
I'm sure I don't have the disease, but he wanted to be safe, not sorry.
The quinine is driving me crazy...making me dizzy (more than usual), and leaves me with a metallic taste in my mouth. It also makes me drowsy at times....

I'm sitting in the scrapbook store and the noise is about to drive me crazy (because I can't hear much over the ringing in my ears). In this case, the side effects may be worse than the actual illness.

But the antibiotic is helping heal the bites. So I don't look too terrible.

Anyway, I'm still processing the trip. Every time I look at pics, it makes me sad. I miss the boys terribly.
I'll write more when I can. I stayed home from work today to rest, so I can hit the ground running on Monday.

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