Saturday, November 25, 2006

More pics from Collin's visit

So, here's some more pictures of my favorite boy.
He looks so serious in the first picture.
He's such a cutie, and well, such an ornery fellow.
I love him so much.

The first two sets of pictures are from Friday morning, out in the horse pens.
Collin had to check out Baby Blue's Ann, his newest horse, and of course Smokey and Joey, the other two colts.

He also needed to play with Nikki and Happy, the dogs; make sure the cattle were ok; and try out his jumping skills while playing on the hay bales.

It's almost like watching a little William--(other than the horses--that's a new addition to the farm) William tried all of these tricks.

The other set of pictures are from Silver Dollar City.
We rode rides, Collin tried on some goofy hats (ok, so he didn't like the one that got put on his head).

It was fun, but we we're all tired by the time we came home. Collin wanted to leave early, so he could go riding back at Mike and Marrisa's arena.

I'll post some more pics later.

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