Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I'm home

I'm tired, but can't seem to unwind.
But I'm home. I volunteered to help with election coverage, but they just laughed.

Lessons learned on the trip.

1)Pepto Bismal tablets are your friend.
2) Advil PM can make you totally spacy...I'm still feeling the effects of the ones I took last night/this morning...I'm not sure when I took them.
3) Chocolate Milk Mix (powder) does not pack well...the mix I brought home for the fifth grade class now covers everything that was in my large suitcase...
4) If in doubt, put items in a zip lock bag. See #3.
5) Starbucks tastes really good after 17 days in Brazil.
6) There's no place like home.

I'm going to go to the dr in the morning, to double check that the pesky mosquito bites heal...Debbie "suggested" I call, so it was the second call I made as we traveled from Tulsa. I couldn't get in tonight, but he could get me in at 8:15.

I'm going to spend tomorrow re-entering society, setting up my desk at the paper (we've moved to the Big Nickel office) and just adjusting to the "frantic" pace of the USA. It's seemed like I was in slow motion and everyone else in the airports were moving at warped speed this morning.

I'll try to upload the pics from the previous blogs tomorrow or Thursday. Then I'll start wading through the 1,500 pics - plus pics I took in Brazil.

Thanks for your prayers. I look like I have had a bad case of chicken pox on my arms. (My friend Denni suggested I just think of myself as the pooka dot woman).

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