Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just a few notes

For the record, the mosquitoes may be winning the battles, but I will win the war!
I woke up with more bites, this time along the knuckles of my right hand (yep, I’m right-handed) and my legs, from below the knee caps to my ankles.
I thought keeping the windows closed, with the exception of the bathroom, and just using fans at night would help. Nope. Obviously, I have some fresh “wounds” in this never ending battle.
But I will win. I have faith and a can of “Deep woods Off” as my weapon of choice. I’ve closed every possible mosquito entrance to my room and sprayed the entire room with Off. I may not be able to be inside all day, but hopefully it will kill any still lingering in the room. Tonight, I’ll spray the bed and sheet I use to see if that helps. (I’ll be honest with you…there’s not many spots left on my arms and legs without bites. The locals just look at me, say “mosquitoes?” and shake their heads.
I’m falling in love with Brazilian coffee. Although, I have to tell you, they like it STRONG! This morning it’s not quite as strong, but I mixed it with hot milk and sugar.
I watched Ceta make it yesterday. First she boils a large pot of water, then she pours in two heaping (serving size) spoons of coffee into it. Then she mixed in two heaping spoons of sugar.
After it boiled for a while, she put a strainer (which looks like a piece of t-shirt material attached to a metal ring with a handle) into a second pot. Then she poured the coffee mixture through the strainer, catching all of the grounds in the fabric. It’s quite a process.
The coffee tastes like a triple shot espresso. It makes my favorite latte look like a sissy drink.
The boys are total camera hogs. They love it when I take their pictures. Yesterday, I snapped a few of them playing in the pool. They figured out if we timed it just right, my camera will catch them in mid-air. Several had fun jumping in the pool making faces and other actions as I snapped away.
It’s Sunday morning, about 8:32 a.m. (I woke up at 7 to the bread man ringing the bell at the gate…he needed to make a delivery). After a cup of Brazilian coffee, I’m awake. I’ve put a load in the washing machine (of course, the directions are in Portuguese) and hopefully, will be able to hang my clothes to dry soon. (I checked a bit ago…I didn’t put too much soap into the machine. I was afraid I would have soap suds overflowing the sides).
I’m feeling really rested here. Journaling more than I have in years, and sleeping at least 8 hours each evening. It makes me realize how frantic my life has become working at the newspaper. I need to cut out some things, so I can journal more and take time for reflection.
It’s also been more than a week since I’ve used a phone or sat down to watch television. You know, you have time to do lots more things when you “unplug” from the world. I can live without knowing what happened in the news and watching the latest show on TV.
Oh well, enough Sunday morning reflections. I’m going to go check on the laundry again and then read.

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  1. Hey Kaylea! It's been a lot of fun reading your blog. I'm so glad this trip is going well for you.


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