Friday, October 27, 2006

Here's how I spent my Friday

First off, I'm tired. I could write about going to the Hiper Mart for the first time, or a typical day in Brazil (there aren't any typical days), or even buying things at the candy store (has another name, but I need to check the spelling), but after a 5-plus hour trip to Maceio, I'm tired.

Nothing is simple here, today's trip to Maceio for Bible school supplies went like this:

1) Dropping off the air compressor the team from LA/Texas rented earlier this week.

2) Dropping off a chair at Janete's parents' house (I did get a neat pic of older men playing dominos on the side of the street)

3) Trying to get to the candy store (via several detours) to buy treats for the boys at the orphanage and for Bible took a while, but we finally made it and found a parking place.

4) Stopping first at the Everything's a Real (well acually 1.25 Real (or about 65 cents in us currency) (I found a few fun treats for a few of my younger friends...a portugese cinderella coloring book, etc.

5) Going to the Tabularo(how it sounds, not sure of spelling) or the candy/treat store to buy stuff in bulk...I found some Brazilian chocolates for a few gifts and bought gelatin bars (look like our freeze pops) for the boys--a supriso for later this week.

6) Going to another Everything is a Real store to look for dominos and cards for the boys.

7) Going to Hiper Mart (Good old Wal-Mart in Brazil) ...eating lunch at a sandwich shop in the mini-mall before you go into the main store, then shopping. We bought ice cream and other treats....and a few food it's not beans and rice every meal.

8) Finally coming home more than 5 hrs later. Anyone else tired?

I'm sitting in Greg's office, with the lights off, and well, it's getting too dark to's 5:45 p.m. so I'll sign off now.

I need to process a few things I've seen, and well, try to figure out what I think. It's hard when you see kids hungry on the street, to purchase something as a "treat" for you.

We bought ice cream, to share with the boys, just the "regular" brand...then I saw a case of Hagan-Das (sp?) it was 17.5 real (or about 8.50 us) for a Pint. I kept thinking that's a horrible price, how can anyone here afford it. I was thinking of everything else we could buy for that price...fresh fruit, meat, eggs, etc.

I'll write more this weekend, about the trip to Maceio, life in general, etc.
For now, know that we're all doing ok here. Debbie's got a bit of a cold, but we found some medicine for her. Janna's doing well, and Bob is "Bobby" to all of the children here. They love him.

Life is good. God is good.

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