Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween and other notes

Well, I think it's officially mosquitoes 4, Kaylea 0.

I managed to get some cream yesterday, when Adla came by unexpectedly for a brief visit. She walked down to the druggist with me and I came away with a cream that smells (and looks like) diaper rash cream in the states...it has Vitamin A, C and Zinc Oxide in it. It has helped.

Anyway, the reason the mosquito's are winning is because my right hand and legs are swollen from the bites. So Janna gave me a benadryl this morning and zonk, I was out, laying down on the bench outside. (So much for listening to the book on tape,...I slept for at least 45 minutes.)

Then instead of going to Central today to shop, Debbie suggested I take another benadryl after lunch and sleep. So I laid outside on the bench for a while, but the boys liked to see what I was doing...I went into my room and zonk...it was 5 p.m. So today's been a sleep and rest day.

The good news is that I feel better, still a bit swollen but not as red. I'm going to take 2 Advil PM's tonight (which has benadryl in it) and hopefully tomorrow will be another day.


Last night Tia (Aunt) Kaylea struck...I made (with the help of Janna) sugar cookies using the butane oven...think wood stove from pioneer days meets butane...not much regulation, other than on and off....

Anyway, we gave the boys two cookies (1/2 the batch we mixed cinnamon sugar in it to make snickerdoodles) and a spoon full (large spoon) of icing. I showed them what to do, to ice the cookies and then walked around with two colors of sprinkles "adding" to their cookies.

It was a hit. The boys were on a complete sugar high! (I'll bet the night workers hate me.) They loved it. We had icing everywhere. They even put some on Debbie's face (yes, I got a picture.)

Tonight, for Halloween, Janna's baked a cake. I'll hand out (if Debbie can find one other gift at Central today) the gifts I brought...I should have packed one extra present, because there are 20 boys now. But Debbie was going to try to find something special for the oldest boy today.

I found out as I unpacked them, that the remote controls work on EVERY car, not just the car it goes with. The youngest 6 will get these cars, and well, it should be CRAZY.

Gaye, tell mom the boys LOVED the marbles. I should have bought 2 pounds. They were playing when we got here, and Sunday, I pulled the ones I bought out...they divided them up equally, and have been playing non stop since then. The game of choice right now involves a hole dug into the sandy ground by the dining hall. It's kind of like a marbles/golf game. The object is to be the first in the hole, and to knock your opponent away from the hole. Man, they can really flick those suckers.

That's all for now. Don't worry about the bites, it's just my system reacting funky to them. It happens in Missouri, so why wouldn't it happen here. Debbie said she still plans to take me to the Hippy Fada (not sure on spelling) the outdoor market. That's why she encouraged me to rest today. Today's trip was "business" where the trip to the Hippy Fada will be fun.

And, on a side note, the flu shot I got right before coming seems to be holding off the Brazilian Croup the boys have been passing around (and we've been passing around).

Have a good evening,

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