Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Destination Brazil: Travel Blog Entry #2

What's in a name? When we as Americanos (Americans) meet the Brazilian staff members and children, it's the first thing we exchange.
"What's your namo" is a common phrase. For them, it's easy to remember Kaylea--there's only one of me.
I'm struggling to remember which smiling face belongs to Henrique and which mischievous boy is Erivelton.
When you can't speak the language fluently, it's important to at least be able to say "Good morning, Alan" when he greets you at the breakfast table.
Knowing a name at least helps them know that you think they matter enough for you to acknowledge their presence.
On another note, some of the team members who left mid-morning for a simple errand just got back. I'm sure they will have a story to tell.
No trip to town and or the stores is as simple as "running to Wal-Mart" to pick something up.
Apparently a group of protesters blocked a major street with a row of burning tires. Police and fire officials do nothing to curb the protests, so traffic can back up for miles.
At last report, we heard traffic was tied up for up to 15 kilometers.
Anyway, now that they are back, another group, led by Janete Hailey (one of the executive directors) can set out to get some of the week's shopping done.
(I thought I left shopping at a "big-box" store behind only to find out that Wal-Mart owns one of the hyper-marts here in Maceio. Just think, I came all the way to Brazil to shop at Wal-Mart.)
This is a short blog, but I'm sure there will be more to say later about shopping and life in Brazil.

cutlines for Day 2

Hey look, Flat Stanley is as tall as a coconut tree! Not really of course, Stanley was just hanging out on the balcony next to his dorm room at the orphanage. Kaylea Hutson |

Debbie Mayberry meets her namesake,seven-month old Deborah, after arriving Sunday, Oct. 22, at the orphanage in Maceio. Deborah's mother, Monica, used to live at the girl's orphange down the road. She is now married and starting her own family. Kaylea Hutson |

The orphanage's front gate, as viewed from the second floor balcony. Kaylea Hutson |

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