Monday, October 30, 2006

Destination Brazil: Travel Blog #9

“Americano! Foto! Foto!” is the cry I hear as the children see my camera. I’ve tried to take some photos without their knowledge, but let’s face it, just being an American in the more rural, non-touristy neighborhoods, means I stick out like a sore thumb.
Even as we spread the word about the one-evening Bible school, the fact that Americanos would be there brought many of this children and adults into the church.
With the photos, most want to pose and have me take their pictures. They immediately want me to show them the back of my camera.
Fortunately, my digital camera lets me give them instant gratification. Then they are off, to pose for more pictures--which of course, I am happy to take. It’s fun and it begins to chip away at the language barrier. Smiles, hugs and photos seem to be the same regardless of the language spoken.
Saturday during the Bible school was really the first chance I’ve had to interact with some of the local women. Several tugged on my sleeve and asked me to take pictures of them with their children. I wonder if it is one of the first time they have had a “family” picture taken.
It makes me want to fill up the three memory cards and 20 discs I brought with photos of everyone one I meet and then find a way to get prints made.
Americans love photos, and entire industries have developed because of our love of photography and scrap booking.
It’s yet another thing we take for granted, the ability to document our families for the current and future generations.


Photos one, two and four are mothers who asked me to take photos of their children. I also took photos of them interacting with the children. Kaylea Hutson |

Photo three - Three of the boys who are becoming my favorites of the ones who hang out at the orphanage gate. They are truly not camera shy. Kaylea Hutson |

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