Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cyber cafes, fish markets & rain

Things are going well here in Maceio. Since Sunday evening, we´ve had three pretty significant rain storms (gulley washers in Missouri terms), but then as quick as it starts, the sun comes back out.
I´m sitting in a cyber cafe in downtown Maceio...Greg and Janete dropped me off here (I´m not to leave) while they ran some errands...
While I might want to explore and take lots of pics, I´m not quite brave enough to do it on my own. Right now, this is it.

The boys are so cute, and loveable. Because I´m not sure how Brazilian law applies, i won´t post pics of the boys to my blog...it seems to be against the law because they are in an orphanage...we´re not sure, but better safe than sorry.

That´s ok, I´ll have plenty of other pics to post.

When we came into the city this morning, our first stop was at a fish market to buy fresh shrimp for supper. By fresh, I mean fresh--heads and eyes still intact. I´ll post some of those pics when I get them downloaded in a day or two.

It´s really frustrating not to be able to speak the same language. I want to sit, ask questions and just talk and talk, instead, I~m having to smile and sit a lot.

It´s also interesting, because life rotates around the sun, rather than the clock...the sun comes up at 430 a.m. and it gets dark by 6 p.m.
So last night I was asleep by 8 p.m. (and up at 5)

(I did nap after breakfast before coming into town.

I~´ve posted to joplindaily.com (well e-mailed in) so watch for updates there. in the meantime, I~ll leave you with a few pics.

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