Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bible School & other notes

Well, it's 7:45 p.m., and we are back at the chacara.
Bible School is official over.
Thank God we had an awesome translator Adla, who saved the day numerous times.
I'll write more later, but the gist of it is this...we made 100 candy/treat bags this morning, managed to feed everyone a juice box and bag of Brazilian popcorn, and give all of the parents (and a few older children we know) bags with beans and rice.

I've never been kissed so much in my life. Brazilians are very affectionate people.

I can also say, drum roll please...I've driven a Kombi (Volkswagon mini bus/van) in Brazil.

Janete and I drove around the neighborhood, so she could get a key to the church, and every time we saw a child or adult, we would stop, so Janete could spread the word about our 1 day Bible School. She said "come see the Americanos", when we finished, she told me "I used you for propaganda." The Bible School was good, but coming to something with Americanos was "the icing" I guess.

Anyway, we had a great turnout, and I got some awesome pics. I'll write more about it, and post pics (well, that will happen when I get to an internet cafe).

In the meantime, have a good weekend. I'm going to sign off so Debbie can check her e-mail.

I've also posted my "Flat Stanley" notes, that I've been sending to the 5th grade class in Joplin, so you can see some other aspects of Brazil. For some reason, they posted out of order, but I am letting it go....Debbie's encouraging me in the corner to let it just doesn't matter if this blog is perfect.
(See a little type A coming out)

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