Monday, September 24, 2007

Arkansas Bound - Update

Well, I'm officially living in two worlds.
My stuff's in Arkansas....
I'm still in Missouri.

Two more days of work, then I can pack the bug and head off to Arkansas.

I can already feel my accent get thicker....especially when I talk with people from Ark., on the phone.

Ah, moving south. I love it. All of the communities around my new home are starting to have fall festivals...yippee. I can't wait. I can't wait to explore, and see what I can see. I feel as if I'm starting to emerge from a self imposed cocoon. I can't even describe the peace and the happiness I have right now. Wow.

Two more days. I can do this.

Need to pay bills, change my addy with everyone, change my addy at the bank (fortunately there are like four branches within 30 minutes of no new bank Yippee!), turn off my utilities at the old house, and just be ready to unpack on Thursday. Thank you Denni for your enthusiasm.

Here are a few pics from my apartment (before and after the unloading process)....Denni will be your friendly tour guide/vanna for the visual tour...

The back of my apartment....I have a covered carport WAHOO! and a back porch....ah, I need to get a bench or table/!

The first "perk" - A WASHER & more laundry mat or doing laundry at my parent's home...(which is good since they will be 100 miles away....)

The second "perk" - A Dishwasher! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo!

The stove side of my's a "galley" type of kitchen...about the width of a hallway, but just fine for me. Look at all those cabinets!

Looking in the kitchen/back porch from the "living room."

Denni showing off part of the "great room" room

The Bathroom....take a look at all that storage/cabinet space. What a blessing.
I'm going from one closet and no cabinets anywhere to an abundance.
The apartment may be small but it's efficient!

A linen closet! Yahoo!
(I've been storing my stuff in the bottom of my clothes closet!)

My bedroom...get that two closets! I should have enough "storage" stuff to keep the clutter put!
From the "great room" into the bedroom.
The bathroom is the first door on the left. The closet is on the right.

The pic Denni snapped of me, to send to the church with my bio...funny thing is, less than a week later, my hair is shorter, and highlighted...kind of a caramel blond...not the dark look it's been since January.
Yep, goofin off in the mirror of my new home.
Still hate takin my pic, but need to "record" the moment.


  1. I'm so proud of you and excited for you! Attitude can make or break us and you're going into a new adventure with a GREAT attitude! Good for you!

  2. Your new apartment looks wonderful! So glad you have peace about moving.

  3. hey..i noticed you mentioned the pumpkin patch in southwest city. i live in grove!! small world. if you want to you can email me back at maybe we can get aquainted :) have a good day!!!


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