Saturday, February 14, 2009

Discovering the Writer Within

One of my goals for 2009 (I hesitate to call it a resolution because frankly, I don’t usually keep them), is to expand my freelance writing and possibly capture the novel that’s been “floating” around in my head for several years.

I've toyed with the plot ever since a writing friend looked at me and asked a simple question – “When are you going to get started?” That question has stuck with me for years – though my careers in journalism and the ministry.

I’ve wanted to get started, honestly. I’ve wanted to write a novel, but I’ve been stuck – unsure how to start, unsure of the process, and frankly, unsure how to find the time to step out and take the risk.

So when I ran across the resources provided by the team at My Book Therapy, I’ll admit, I became quite intrigued.

My Book Therapy…Discover the Writer In You combines the talents of authors Susan May Warren, Rachel Hauck and Sarah Sumpolec, in a new and innovative way to help authors (and those who desire to become one) develop those elusive manuscripts.

As part of their new endeavor, Warren & Hauck have created “From the Inside…Out: Discover, Create and Publish the Novel in You” may provide the tools for aspiring authors to put pen to paper and write.

( on the image to find it in their e-store.)

“This is the book I wish I had when I first started [writing],” explained Warren. “Because, see, I was in Siberia. As in Russia. Alone. Just me, some novels and my imagination.

“I wished I had a reference guide, something to organize all of the information I needed in one place, maybe a step-by-step journey, and a companion/encourager to help me complete my dream.”

Out of the desire to make the process easier grew Warren and Hauck’s book.

“Inside Out is my writing manual – what I developed and now to use to create stories,” Warren continued. “It’s my successes, my systems and my secrets.

“And, as a bonus, you also get the perspective of Rachel Hauck, my pal and My Book Therapy partner, thrown in to add another rich perspective. It’s the manual of writing the books we know how to write.”

A blurb about the book
Have you always wanted to write a novel, but didn’t know where to start? This book is for you. With proven techniques, easy to understand explanations and practical steps, From The Inside...Out will teach you how a story is structured then take you through the process of creating and marketing your novel.

Topics found within in the book include:
-Character-driven plotting,
-How to HOOK your reader,
-The elements and flow of SCENES,
-How to build STORYWORLD,
-Secrets to Sizzling Dialogue,
-Proven Self-Editing techniques,
-Synopsis and Query letter writing,
-How to manage your writing career ...and everything in between!

“A writer’s life is solitary, hard work, fraught with rejection, frustration, and even envy,” Warren said. “But, if you look at it as another way that you will grow and experience your world, then it’s a journey that is ripe with rewards.”

Warren's even created a video, talking more about this resource.

(Here's a direct link to the video - click here)

So are you intrigued yet?

Think you want to get started but need some more information?

Check out the other blogs which are taking part in the “love to write” blog tour. Click here for more information!

Take a risk – take a chance and win!

If you’re ready to take a step of faith, and begin the journey to discover your inner novel – here’s the first step. You can enter a contest to win a free copy of “From the Inside…Out: Discover, Create and Publish the Novel in You." All you have to do is leave a comment here and tell the gals at My Book Therapy what kind of novel you have in YOU.

Note: Winners will be picked at random, on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009. They’ll announce the winners on Monday, March 2.

* * * * *

Not only do the gals at My Book Therapy have a book wannabe writers can use, they also have a way you can watch/help construct a book progress from the ground up.

It’s kind of like the “choose your own ending” books I grew up reading – they call it “Write a book with My Book Therapy Voices in 2009.”

This “blog a book” process is a chance for you to become part of the story process – giving input on a character’s decisions, all while learning how to write a book as you go.

Here’s what Hauck and Warren say about their newest endeavors:

“Here at My Book Therapy, we love to write, and we love to teach writers how to find their voice. So, in 2009 we’re writing a book together!”

“Starting in January, we’ll create characters, a plot, develop conflict, the black moment, the epiphany and finally…the happy ending. Then, week by week, you’ll be a part of the creation process, voting on the next step of our hero’s journey, watching the book take life, and learning the nuances of crafting a story. You’ll Blog-A-Book with the My Book Therapy authors and get tools to help you how to write your own novel.”

“And, at the end of the year, we’ll have a book we’ve all created, something that we’ll publish! And, best of all, the proceeds will go to support IJM, an organization that fights human trafficking around the world. So, Come and Blog-A-Book. Learn. Fellowship. Bless.”

Right now, participants in the "Blog-A-Book" are taking a vote to determine what the main characters of the book will look here for more information.

Want to know more about IJM and their mission to stop human trafficking? Click here for more details.

* * * * *

Want to learn more about My Book Therapy – the Therapists – and their Services?

Then check out

They offer retreats, editing services and more.

Another contest.

Do you already have your novel down on the page? Does it need a little THERAPY? Enter to win 10% off a Book Therapy Session ( ) (that’s a savings of $30+) by leaving a comment here telling us a brief synopsis of your story!

Note: They’ll pick the winners, at random, on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009. They’ll announce the winners on Monday, March 2.

* * * * *

Want to read more about the My Book Therapy Gals, check out the other blogs which are taking part in the “love to write” blog tour. Click here for more information!

Not only can you check out a variety of information about the gals, but you can also enter two different contests – all designed to help you create a manuscript in 2009 (and beyond).

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